Monday, October 23, 2017

Volusia County Fair ~ 2017

The Volusia County Fair starts November 2nd and runs through the 12th. The event takes place at the fair grounds, which is located at 3150 State Road 44 in DeLand. See flyer below for more info.

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Always verify event information before going.  Event information is subject to change.


  1. WARNING !!!! WARNING !!!! WARNING !!!!!!Anyone going to the Volusia County Fair
    PLEASE read this !
    My grand kids were getting on the ride in this Video The guys in charge never closed down the bracket and started the ride. One of my grandson's were holding on and the other one had his arms out saying Papaw I'm gonna fly like super man. When the ride started he started to slide out of it. His grandpa grabbed him and started screaming, so did everyone that was standing around. These guys were looking at all of us as if we were crazy. Unfortunately, the operator of the ride also had his back turned so he didn't see what was happening . Thank god no one was hurt. This however could have turned out much different had my grandson's been on the ride alone. Parents and kids were hysterical and totally shaken by this every parent pulled their kid off. Yet the management when approached about it said " NO THE RIDE CAN NOT OPERATE UNLESS IT IS LATCHED AND LOCKED DOWN". We advised him that that was not the case here and he insisted that we were wrong . PLEASE be CAREFUL and MINDFUL watching that your children are strapped and locked in before the ride starts.