Sunday, February 23, 2014

Flagler County Children's Day 2014 Review

Yesterday we attended the 2014 Flagler County Children’s Day at the Government Services Building in Bunnell.  When we first drove by the building I wasn’t sure if the event was there.  There were no signs for the event and from SR 100 we could only see two black tents outside.  When we arrived we weren’t sure if we were to start outside at the black tents or if there were events inside as well.  Another family had arrived at the same time and we decided to go in the building to see if there were any activities indoors.  At the entrance to the Government Services Building there were two greeters handing out bags which would hold crafts/info from each station and a flyer of the day’s events. 

As we entered the building we noticed that there were several tables/stations on each floor of the building.  Most of the tables were arts and crafts and only a couple vendor tables.  My kids are young so it was great that there were so many stations that they could go to.  The event also offered a free lunch.  

Once we completed the indoor stations we headed outside.  The outside stations consisted of sand, sidewalk chalk, play-doh, finger painting, planting seeds, hula hoop, jump roping, soccer and more.  They also had a couple demonstrations.  One demonstration was by the Flagler County Sheriff’s K-9 unit and the other was a karate demonstration by Pak’s Karate.

Highlight:  My kids loved the “Healthy Snacks” station.  This was located on the first floor.  The kids were able to taste test soy peanut butter.  My daughter didn’t even notice a difference from the regular peanut butter.  They made aprons, food art (my 2 year old wasn’t interested in making strawberry mice and grape kebobs…he was only interested in eating the food).  The women overseeing this station were incredibly friendly, welcoming and funny!

Pro:  This was a FREE event.  The students at each station were friendly and outgoing.  As soon as we arrived at a station they would explain their station’s activity and give the kids a “treat” when they completed the activity.  The bag handed out when we arrived was a lifesaver.  There were several handouts at each station and both kids made crafts so the bag was able to hold all these items.  The amount of stations was also a plus since young kids have such a short attention span.  These stations provided endless activities for them.  We were at the event for the entire 4 hours and that was just enough time to go to each station and watch one of the outside demonstrations.  

Cons:  There were not many people at this event.  My thought is that there was not much advertising for this event?  My kids are not school age so I’m not sure if information was sent home with each child in the school system?   

My kids and I really enjoyed attending this event and look forward to attending next year’s Flagler County Children’s Day!  

Check out our pictures from the event by clicking HERE. 


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